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About .
profile picture is the digital home of Ale CO: designer, creative front-end coder, publishing expert, visual explorer, perpetual entrepreneur and music enthusiast Right now, I live in México City, one of the biggest and exciting cities in the world

As someone who has worked company-side and agency-side, I think about products in a more comprehensive way: how to create the best possible solution, how it performs and how it will impact the social environment and revenue My previous experience in academy, non-profit associations, government, advertising and CRM, has given me a unique vision for understanding people and organizations: who they are, what they stand for and what they’re here to do

Having gained a degree in graphic design at the Autonomous Metropolitan University and studied informatics, I’ve established a focus on methods and processes for all publishing mediums (traditional and digital) Later, I have specialized in complementary areas such as design thinking, creative management and photography; also scientific writing, content creation, social media and search engine optimization At this moment, I am getting into the video world and motion graphics, and (in addition), taking MOOC courses for SEM and HubSpot / Analytics

I enjoy getting involved in almost all kind of creative challenges, leading teams and consulting clients I also like building solutions for startups and creating side projects I love giving talks and teaching on visual communication theory, graphic design, publishing topics, product strategy and case studies Besides, sometimes I do interesting freelance projects

My work is driven by designing cutting-edge intelligent experiences with a well thought out theory behind them It is not a secret that I'm a full devotee of advanced typographic practice across all design disciplines, but my interests vary between scenarios and mediums; ranging from business and product innovation, customer insights, complex communication systems, image analysis, brand strategy and digital marketing. As an executor, I enjoy creating for print and web design, interfaces and user testing, editing, proofreading, copywriting and storytelling.

I firmly believe that the primary purpose of design is straightforward: to make a message impossible to ignore and with a positive impact; a creation that wisely wins the most critical test: the time

Another personal hobbies I enjoy the most are: having fun with dogs and almost any animal, watch and analyze movies from around the world, reading essays of art, aesthetics and society, semiotics and rhetoric, linguistics, music theory, sociology and politics My favorite writers are John Berger, Joan Fontcuberta, Adrian Frutiger, Ellen Lupton, José Saramago, Noam Chomsky, Zygmunt Bauman, Erich Fromm, Michel Foucault, Umberto Eco, Jürgen Habermas, Jean Baudrillard, Pierre Guiraud and Roland Barthes among others I also experiment with analog synthesizers and other sounds in the computer or create extended set music mixes I am extremely interested in social causes, but particularly the animal defense and humans in vulnerable conditions

Connections. That's the word I'm always looking for; every time, everywhere. I look for them in design, in visual arts, in architecture, in photography, in geometry, in color, in food, in nature, in science, in philosophy, in literature, in music, in the movement, in the static, in harmonies, in chaos That's why I define myself as an eclectic, trying to merge so many topics into a wholly new original vision

Among other alternate projects, right now I'm building a creative virtual studio called Refused Design Here you can see some curious projects

Profile .
  • Name: Ale CO
  • Residence: México City
  • Expertise: design, editorial, web
  • E-mail:
  • Phone number: +52 1 (55) ???? ????
Experience .
2018 - Present
Apeertum GRP
What do I do?
2017 - Present
Refused Design Studio
What do I do?
2016 - 2017
Project Manager
Telefónica Movistar
What did I do?
2014 - 2016
Account And Editorial Manager
Origin And Communication
What did I do?
2010 - 2014
Head of special projects and publishing
National Autonomous University of México
What did I do?
Amnesty International
What did I do?
Jr. Graphic Designer
Congress Of The United Mexican States
What did I do?
2009 - 2010
Jr. Graphic Designer
National Water Comission
What did I do?
2008 - 2010
Jr. Graphic Designer
Association of Biologists Friends of Computer Science
What did I do?
2006 - 2008
Trainee Project Manager
Ecocitizenship Of The Future Civil Association
What did I do?
Education .
2008 - 2013
Graphic Communication Design
Autonomous Metropolitan University
2011 - 2016
National Autonomous University of México
Diploma in Professional Proofreading And Editorial Managing
Academy of the Arts of Writing
Diploma In Editorial Design And Digital Publications
Adobe Certified Instructor, A! Diseño
Diploma In Advanced Editorial Design: Newspapers, Magazines And Web
National Autonomous University of México
Diploma In Analog And Digital Photography
Active School Of Photography
Academic trajectory .

Classroom Courses

Adobe Courseware Photoshop CC - A! Diseño Adobe Courseware Illustrator CC - A! Diseño Adobe Courseware InDesign CC - A! Diseño Strategic communication in social networks - National Autonomous University of México Ortotipography course with Jorge de Buen - Gestalt Studies Center Production and edition of eBooks - National Autonomous University of México Workshop: Critical apparatus and methods of citation for different supports - Academy of the Arts of Writing Workshop: Copyright for editorial projects - Academy of the Arts of Writing Seminar: How to contract and supervise printing services - National Chamber of the Publishing Industry V Multidisciplinary seminar: Copyright in the publishing world - Conaculta Conference: Introducing Adobe Creative Cloud Mexico 2013 - Adobe México Conference and Workshops: 2013 Latin American Festival Of Free Software Installation Conference and Workshops: Fotofestin 2013, University Festival of Photography

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

Agile Project Management - Online Marketing Fundamentals - Web Analytics Fundamentals - SEO Fundamentals - Social Media Marketing With Facebook And Twitter - Email Marketing Basics - Design The Web With Illustrator To Animated HTML5 Canvas - Animation And Interactivity With HTML5 Canvas - Video2Brain Advanced Theming In WordPress - Video2Brain Create And Validate XML Documents - Udemy InDesign Typography - Collaborative Workflow With InCopy And InDesign - Video2Brain iOS And Android Interface Design - Udemy Up and Running with DSLR Filmmaking - Adobe Premiere Pro CC Essential Training - Motion Graphics Animation With After Effects - Domestika Logic Pro X Essential Training -


I have also taught and designed classes at the university:
Seminar: Modern Editorial Processes - Autonomous Metropolitan University
Adjunct Professor of Design and Society Course - National Autonomous University of México

And helping organize:
First National Council Of Proofreaders - José Vasconcelos Library Of México
Academic Writing And Citation Systems Workshop - National Autonomous University of México


Some awards and special mentions:
To Death With a Smile Poster Contest - Special Mention And Poster Exhibition
The Week Of Designs At The University Poster Contest - Third place
Ideology And Design At The University Poster Contest - Third place

Languages .
  • English
  • Written
  • Reading

According to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), during my last evaluation I obtained level C1-2 that proves an advanced and fluent level of the English language It is also worth mentioning that, having had a long professionalization in the publishing world, my linguistic ability of the Spanish language is remarkable; especially in writing and proofreading of texts

My Work Approach .

Creating an idea and evolving it into a successful product isn't an easy job. It is important to know the route of work and all the variants, but more important, to know the critical points that can give us great advantages to create an amazing tactic. I always dissect the entire image and, based on my experience, I emphasize these critical points to carry the guidance (and the ultimate goal) in each of the following stages:

The Brand Stage
The Product Stage
The Market Stage
My Skill Set .

For Research And Strategy

Project Management

Strategic Thinking

Digital MKTG

Relationship MKTG

For ROI Centered Design

Design Thinking

Creative Direction

Brand Architecture


Products .

My latest projects involved…

Business Growth

Brand Awareness

Lead Generation

Affinity Marketing

And I've made things like…









Image Retouch

Icon-Type Design



My Tools .

Environments I Usually Work With

Software Swiss-knife

Web Tools And Standards

For Content, SM And Digital MKTG

Playing with…

My Digital Hobbies .

What I do in the digital sphere

From being aware of the design and photography trends in Behance, Dribbble and Flickr, passing through the gallery of experiments in Codepen And of course, the query on Reddit and Twitter to see the most viral the web can offer Sometimes, when time is left over, a tour through the movie catalog and reviews on Letterboxd and a daily dose of independent music on Hype Machine

Contact .

+52 1 (55) ???? ????



México City